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29 Dec

Ha ha!

Weinrich Family Travels

My family and I have been taking family vacations from Christmas to New Years for the past ten years now. They started close to home (Philadelphia) but soon spread to the Outer Banks (NC), Myrtle Beach (SC), Charleston (SC), Hilton Head Island (SC), and finally this year – St. Augustine, FL, “The oldest city in America!”, my dad keeps repeating. Google maps tells me it takes 13 hours and 33 minutes to get here, but because I didn’t seep much on Christmas Eve, I only felt 5 hours of it.

As soon as we pulled into town, we unpacked and immediately went to dinner (even though it was only 4:30pm). I ordered the seafood enchilada, which was delicious even if covered in way too much sauce (I created a new rule for myself to pick one of the more unique things on the menu and get that when vacationing). Finishing…

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29 Dec

Marvelous post, thank you so much!
Have collection.

29 Dec

A full year with colors, I like so mcuh! Thanks

Mel Mann Photography - The Blog

Saw an interesting blog challenge this week – post your view of 2012 in pictures.  I’m not organized enough to do one of those “a picture for every day of the year” challenges but I do have enough in my Lightroom catalog to cover a year pretty well.  With almost 13,000 images in 2012 surely there are 12 I feel portray what I was seeing.  It’s also a good opportunity to perform an exercise one of my instructors mentioned he does each year; that is, look over your images and see if there are any trends you want to go deeper with or any directions not traveled it would be fun to explore in the next year.  I haven’t yet created long personal projects for my work so this is a good way to look beyond the day’s shoot and get a sense of where my craft is going.  And…

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Happing Holiday

29 Dec


28 Dec

I never know the temporary marriages of Iran before. You post make me more wordly. Personally, I am supportive to the traditional marriages. ^_^

Hammering Shield

loving coupleWhy didn’t someone tell me about this?

I just discovered, while reading The Devil We Know by Robert Baer, that Iran legally allows temporary marriages!  According to Baer, these can be for a month—or even for a few hours.

Ever since I was teenager, I’ve been advocating “trial marriages,” marriage contracts that naturally dissolve after a set period of time.  I imagine the time period would be from two to five years.  Offspring would not be part of the plan.

Then, if things are still working out at the end of the contract period, the participants of the Trial Marriage may opt for a Full Marriage, which includes the expectation of both parties that a family will be started (or not, but stated explicitly).  Or, they can opt for another Trial Marriage with each other.  Or just move on.  Free and without sin or guilt or sense of failure.  And without the ill…

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27 Dec

Pheebz Eatz

I stumbled upon this book in Waterstones today and thank goodness I did! I hadn’t realised until now just how lost I’d been. I’d always put my relationship difficulties down to personality and lifestyle differences, but now I know the truth: I simply didn’t know how to cook in order to appease my man. These ferocious alpha males need to be fed and watered or they’ll go elsewhere. I am wasting my time studying for a Master’s degree when I should be in the kitchen or out shopping to ensure the house is well-stocked with beer.

On a serious note, one does have to wonder what the PR team were aiming for here. It’s blatantly a stunt, but are there many women who’d happily buy this “Lifestyle Cookery Book” or “A personal collection of recipes, poetry, philosophy and art” with its not-so-subliminal messages?! I’d like to think not, but this…

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27 Dec

Bleri Lleshi's Blog

natachaIk was 11 jaar toen ik voor het eerst een meisje kuste. Ze was van Marokkaanse origine.

Ongeacht wat ik verder ga vertellen, je zult nu al een oordeel gevormd hebben over mij zowel als over het andere meisje. We vereenvoudigen de zaken graag, we klasseren ze in vakjes, we zoeken een begrijpelijke uitleg en laten het achter ons. Het is zozeer onze gewoonte geworden om alles zwart-wit te zien, dat we er niet meer bij stil staan dat de realiteit veel complexer is dan we zelf zouden willen.

Het is pas vrij laat dat ik mezelf identificeerde als zijnde bi. Het is vooral die ‘labelling’ waar ik het zeer moeilijk mee had. De maatschappij verwacht dat alles perfect in een hokje past. Iets tussenin, dat bestaat niet. Maar probeer maar eens om als dertienjarige uit te zoeken in welk vakje je thuishoort, terwijl je zelf niet eens weet wat…

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