What kind of gender view is reflected in corsets in western?

11 Dec

With the recent movie of “Anna Karenina”, it reaches a hide tide of retro style in fashion circles. We think of the classic retro models. In particular, cheap corsets and lingerie in the films are well received, from “Gone with the wind”, “Titanic” to “Curse of the golden flower”, we see the seductive lingerie and corsets. Plus, it’s clear that lingerie is well-liked by women in the Renaissance of European.
What do the cheap corsets in western history reflect gender views? It reflects that women have equality and respect from the society. The respective in some way are that women are equal to men in rights and positions, although a little reluctantly.
New humanism ideological trend are against the feudal theology authority, the representatives of new humanism observe problems with the center of artificial features and with human nature replacing divine. They advocate the individual liberates, object to the asceticism of the church, and emphasize the idea of love and equality. Meanwhile, the thought, culture, and art during this period have had a great influence on clothing.
Seen from the appearance of garments, the stressing and hyperbole of gender difference are the main characteristics during this period. Men’s clothing focus on the upper part of the body, while women’s clothing emphasize on the lower part, the light weight under the regular triangle, through the bare chest, use cheap corsets in the upper part and swollen dress in the lower part as a comparison, which reflect the female’s sexy and charm.
From the above-mentioned, we learn that lingerie and corsets have a long history and still are popular with women all over the world. Moreover, men also appreciate it and can’t resist its temptation. Hence, having such attractive corsets collection in your wardrobe is of great importance and necessity.


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