26 Dec

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Have you ever used your gender to your advantage?

A survey by comparison website Confused.com has found that the majority of women flirt to get their own way, while almost a third of women in relationships say they use sex as a reward.

Couple in park

The survey of 2,000 people found that women are likely to benefit on the road, in the workplace and in relationships, purely because of their gender.

A breakdown of results are as follows:

  • 55% of women admitted that they’d flirted to get their own way in day-to-day life
  • 29% of women said they used sex as a reward for their partner
  • 21% of women admitted they flirted at work to receive preferential treatment.

When asked ‘Are you more likely to give way to an attractive motorist?’ just 16% of women said ‘yes’, compared to 42% of men.

Woman in the workplace

The survey also looked into workplace differences between men and women. Asking those in a managerial position that included making decisions regarding…

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