27 Dec

Pheebz Eatz

I stumbled upon this book in Waterstones today and thank goodness I did! I hadn’t realised until now just how lost I’d been. I’d always put my relationship difficulties down to personality and lifestyle differences, but now I know the truth: I simply didn’t know how to cook in order to appease my man. These ferocious alpha males need to be fed and watered or they’ll go elsewhere. I am wasting my time studying for a Master’s degree when I should be in the kitchen or out shopping to ensure the house is well-stocked with beer.

On a serious note, one does have to wonder what the PR team were aiming for here. It’s blatantly a stunt, but are there many women who’d happily buy this “Lifestyle Cookery Book” or “A personal collection of recipes, poetry, philosophy and art” with its not-so-subliminal messages?! I’d like to think not, but this…

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