28 Dec

I never know the temporary marriages of Iran before. You post make me more wordly. Personally, I am supportive to the traditional marriages. ^_^

Hammering Shield

loving coupleWhy didn’t someone tell me about this?

I just discovered, while reading The Devil We Know by Robert Baer, that Iran legally allows temporary marriages!  According to Baer, these can be for a month—or even for a few hours.

Ever since I was teenager, I’ve been advocating “trial marriages,” marriage contracts that naturally dissolve after a set period of time.  I imagine the time period would be from two to five years.  Offspring would not be part of the plan.

Then, if things are still working out at the end of the contract period, the participants of the Trial Marriage may opt for a Full Marriage, which includes the expectation of both parties that a family will be started (or not, but stated explicitly).  Or, they can opt for another Trial Marriage with each other.  Or just move on.  Free and without sin or guilt or sense of failure.  And without the ill…

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