22 Jan

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Here is the immediate context in a long-term process: right before Christmas, a school shooting, killing children who were the age of my twin boys, sitting diligently in their classrooms like mine do every day. My quiet tears at the simplest moments in the following weeks, self-censored, because they do not know, don’t need to know, and feel responsible for their mother’s emotional health. Next, a letter to Santa, written in 7-year-old, erratic hand, “nerf gun and bullets” at the top of the list.  Then, a New York Times piece, hypothesizing, with some flaws, that as we usher in “The End of Men,” we will see an increase in white, young, male-inflicted violence as those creatures, previously at the top of the chain, bluster around without a way to be.

Finally, the Eureka! moment at the ice-skating rink: skating slowly and steadily with my toddler girl, around the…

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22 Jan


“A whole gender? That doesn’t seem trivial at all!” Hey, arbitrary person. First of all, thanks for reading this. Really means a lot. Second of all, prepare to be amazed. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time and I think I’m ready to try to dehumanize half of the world’s population. If you feel like an insentient styrofoam peanut after reading this, good because I will too. Let’s be friends.

DISCLAIMER: Many male trivialities are also applicable to non-males. Be fair.

ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: This post contains partially hurtful gender stereotypes. Be fair, still.

Let’s say I live 80 years, from 1989 to 2069 (hehe). There were about 3 billion men on the planet when I was born, and about 65 million born each year until the year I die, for a grand total of 8.25 billion bros that will exist during my lifetime. You meet 100,000 people during…

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Corsets are in Brilliant 50s

21 Jan

The underwear of French began after the Second World War, it was also a time that the industry brand have sprung up. In 1946, EMPREINTE and LOU were founded in the same year. “Burma monks”, being famous for the prophecy come true, got his achievements in exercise of sales mail-order BARBARA brand.
In 1949, Kretz family will bring the “CHANTELLE” brand corsets and bustiers to the market, and when listed it was a brilliant success, and built the brand name of the company because of its contemporary, brisk clear and impressive design.
In 1951, LEJABY with a pair of prominent bras stepped into the stage of history. Three years later, Perele lady set up her own company with “SIMONE Perele” brand, at the same time LISECHARMEL supply Lyon more and more high-quality cheap corsets. Finally, Pasquier couples in 1985 bought the company Dr Bernard and established AUBADE. All kinds of brand blossom in the market. It is a dazzling scene!
And Dior merges on the market in the developing history of underwear. On February 2, 1947, a unknown small tailor Dior launched his first haute couture fashion series. That has a new fashion boom: most feminine shape has attracted numerous women revealed her figure. In Dior clipping, women’s shoulder has line straight, chest line tower charm, waist line gentle and graceful, the buttocks tight and type. This design is warmly welcomed by women, and the wholesale lingerie have also been imitated the beauty of the countries.
From that time, the French underwear brand are full of creativity, innovation, constantly received each coquettish, especially the bra is prominent. Almost every brand has its unique designs to highlight the bosom curve. Around the two of chest, fashion began to change. Fabrics have also changed: easy to clean, fast dry and without ironing all kinds of nylon bra quickly replaced the pink or bare color cotton bra. This is Brilliant 50s of corsets.


19 Jan

Tibet,a Holy land of soul, must have a trip there with lovers


The necessity of fashion wear: wholesale lingerie

18 Jan

In recent two years, the bud silk strongly come back to the world. It becomes a trend in the field of the undergarments, clothing and fashionable accessories. wholesale lingerie today is worn by more young women wearing. It is connected with three dimensional interval and sewing skills. Why lingerie’s and corsets are so important for fashionable women?
Well, we all know that the shoes you wear decide the way you walk. And the underwear holds the same rule. The lingerie you wear decides you to become what kind of woman. Hence, when choose wholesale lingerie and corsets online, the first reference or consideration is comfort and personal property. If your underwear make you feel uncomfortable and haven’t self-confidence, you can’t look beautiful. You have to know the right size of you. Then, you must look for suitable shape and the styles you desire to wear. Only when having these references, you can make you feel more feminine and charming with sexy lingerie or corset.
Bud silk corsets feature elegant, graceful and sophisticated. It can also put a great function on creating sexy hourglass for you. Definitely, different designs, styles, and colors will make difference of you. Styles of lingerie are of great importance in choosing undergarments, but soft and comfort is thought to the basic element.
Office ladies, after a whole day’s work, need to have a rest, loosen and stay in a comfortable environment. Underwear made of soft fabrics help those women feels better and enjoys home time. In addition to comfortable, these women need to keep elegant and tidy outfit. Wholesale lingerie can meet your specifications.
Lingerie-supply.com is a leading developer and sexy lingerie and cheap corsets manufacturer. When you click the link above, browsing the catalogue, you will find a big surprise. There words describe the dynamic designs of wholesale lingerie on this site: creativity, comfort and allure, which are the perfect units for the sexy lingerie and corsets under the lingerie-supply.com.

Men, present cheap corsets to your lovers

18 Jan

With the progress and technological advancement, cheap corsets have become more accessible for every woman of background, race, shape and size. Not only was it widely accessible nowadays via the help of computer and internet but also made available in cheap prices.
Yes, nowadays any woman can enjoy wearing alluring, quality and cheap lingerie. These corsets and lingerie’s can enhance their figure and create mysterious and seductive atmosphere. A woman portrays several roles in her life, from being a nurse, a nanny, cook, a mother, a wife, a friend to a teacher but it is seldom seen that she is appreciated. Only a few people can remember to present a gift to a special woman that plays important part in everyone’s life. Some women may be happy with jewelries and others just a bouquet of flowers and a thank you card, as it is the thought that counts. Well, if a man gives sexy lingerie as gift to her sweetheart. I think no woman can resist a sweet present, such as lingerie from her man.
A man looking for ways to find a simple present that their woman would love without being too expensive can opt to give his woman wholesale lingerie. There is cheap lingerie available online for male on a budget, but looking for quality lingerie to give to their sweetheart. The number of designs or styles to choose from is abundant and your partner will definitely love the item. In choosing lingerie to purchase first and foremost consider what your woman will like, silks, satin or soft fabric?
After determining your partner’s measurements your next concern will be where to shop. If you’re the shy type guy, internet shopping will definitely be your choice. It allows you to check lingerie items comfortably and avoid other shopper’s curious glance. Anyway, Lingerie can provide women’s confidence; can also make a woman feel desired and sexy.

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29 Dec

Ha ha!

Weinrich Family Travels

My family and I have been taking family vacations from Christmas to New Years for the past ten years now. They started close to home (Philadelphia) but soon spread to the Outer Banks (NC), Myrtle Beach (SC), Charleston (SC), Hilton Head Island (SC), and finally this year – St. Augustine, FL, “The oldest city in America!”, my dad keeps repeating. Google maps tells me it takes 13 hours and 33 minutes to get here, but because I didn’t seep much on Christmas Eve, I only felt 5 hours of it.

As soon as we pulled into town, we unpacked and immediately went to dinner (even though it was only 4:30pm). I ordered the seafood enchilada, which was delicious even if covered in way too much sauce (I created a new rule for myself to pick one of the more unique things on the menu and get that when vacationing). Finishing…

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