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Corsets are in Brilliant 50s

21 Jan

The underwear of French began after the Second World War, it was also a time that the industry brand have sprung up. In 1946, EMPREINTE and LOU were founded in the same year. “Burma monks”, being famous for the prophecy come true, got his achievements in exercise of sales mail-order BARBARA brand.
In 1949, Kretz family will bring the “CHANTELLE” brand corsets and bustiers to the market, and when listed it was a brilliant success, and built the brand name of the company because of its contemporary, brisk clear and impressive design.
In 1951, LEJABY with a pair of prominent bras stepped into the stage of history. Three years later, Perele lady set up her own company with “SIMONE Perele” brand, at the same time LISECHARMEL supply Lyon more and more high-quality cheap corsets. Finally, Pasquier couples in 1985 bought the company Dr Bernard and established AUBADE. All kinds of brand blossom in the market. It is a dazzling scene!
And Dior merges on the market in the developing history of underwear. On February 2, 1947, a unknown small tailor Dior launched his first haute couture fashion series. That has a new fashion boom: most feminine shape has attracted numerous women revealed her figure. In Dior clipping, women’s shoulder has line straight, chest line tower charm, waist line gentle and graceful, the buttocks tight and type. This design is warmly welcomed by women, and the wholesale lingerie have also been imitated the beauty of the countries.
From that time, the French underwear brand are full of creativity, innovation, constantly received each coquettish, especially the bra is prominent. Almost every brand has its unique designs to highlight the bosom curve. Around the two of chest, fashion began to change. Fabrics have also changed: easy to clean, fast dry and without ironing all kinds of nylon bra quickly replaced the pink or bare color cotton bra. This is Brilliant 50s of corsets.