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Buying sealed lead acid battery is a cost-effective way

18 Dec

Currently, there are two batteries lead-acid systems used, the smallsealed lead acid battery (SLA) and the larger valve-regulated lead-acid battery (VRLA). The newer type of sealed lead-acid batteries are the Absorbed Glass Mat batteries (AGM) that are maintenance free and the plates are mounted in such a way that they can withstand extensive vibration and shock. Nowadays, these two lead-acid systems battery are available online. You can get them with wholesale prices.
The sealed lead acid battery
, known as valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), is designed with a low over-voltage potential. This is done to prevent water depletion. Consequently, these systems never get fully charged and some sulfation will develop over time. Restoring a sulfated battery is difficult and time consuming. One method that provides reasonably good results is applying a charge on top of a charge. This is done by fully charging a battery, then removing it for a 24 to 48 hour rest period and applying a charge again. This process is repeated several times and the capacity is checked again with a full discharge. The lead acid battery is able to accept some overcharge but too much causes corrosion and loss of electrolyte.
Today, sealed lead acid battery is cost-effective and their ability to supply high surge currents, makes them the most viable option for use in cars and other motor vehicles, as they meet the requirement of the high current that automobile starter motors need.